Nina Mya

nina mya

Nina Mya is an acclaimed Finnish jazz singer, composer, and educator, known for her technically skilled and expressive voice, strong interpretative skills, and respect for African American influences. Mya seamlessly blends jazz, soul, and gospel in a soulful manner that is unique in the Nordic region.

Nina Mya has released four albums with her own band: “Flying Solo” (2012), “Our Time” (2014), “Closure” (2016), and “Just Another Lonely Soul” (2021). Additionally, she has recorded and performed as a guest soloist both domestically and internationally, collaborating with artists such as Jukka Eskola, Iiro Rantala, Tim Hagans, Frank McComb, and the UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra. Mya’s fifth album, “Searching My Soul,” was released in collaboration with UMO in the spring of 2023.

In the fall of 2023, Mya will make her debut as a symphony orchestra soloist, singing with Tuomo Prättälä in Burt Bacharach tribute concerts with the Oulu Sinfonia and UMO, as well as with the Mikkelin City Orchestra, Savonlinna Orchestra, and Savonlinna Big Band, conducted by Teemu Takanen. This versatile talent and her extensive vocal range also translate into more entertaining performances.


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